Getting People to Open Your Mail

Everybody knows that people are deluged with hundreds of marketing messages every day. “Click here!” “Like us on Facebook” “Make $$$ from home!” It’s easy for electronic marketing to get lost in the email shuffle, to be instantly put into a spam folder or ignored completely.

How do you break through the clutter? With a handwritten note.

A client of mine has recently asked me to design some stationery for him, something he can use to send news clippings to clients, or to just wish them well. He knows that with all of the marketing his clients receive, he needs to do something different.

Last month, I received this from the realtor from whom we bought our house:

Handwritten envelope

Now, I don’t even watch football. And it says right on the envelope “Magnetic Football Schedule Enclosed.” So why did I open this? Because the realtor had hand addressed the envelope. I felt like I meant enough to her for her to take the time to send it.

In short, I was able to relive the joy I used to feel when I’d receive a letter.

See if you can work handwritten letters and notes into your marketing mix. Stepping back from the computer and actually putting pen to paper is a time commitment, one that your clients are bound to notice.


One Response to Getting People to Open Your Mail

  1. Robbie Kularski says:

    You know what I hate?! People who use cursive fonts to make it LOOK as though they’ve taken the time to hand-address a message.

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