Tech Doesn’t Age Well

Salon advertising is mercurial. What’s hip and fresh today is stale and boring tomorrow. Trends change constantly, so salons have to update their style books and signage all the time. Except this salon.

These are photos from a salon in Western Massachusetts. From the looks of the phone, I’d say these posters are at least ten years old. One poster turned blue from being in the sun most of the time. The darker poster with the hands with the red nails was in the shady part of the display. And what’s with the severed hand? Is it Thing’s cousin, earning a few extra bucks as hand model?

Gordon Gekko on phoneThis points to the main drawback of using modern technology in advertising photography. While the phones provide an interesting backdrop to the dramatically painted claws of the models, the images age poorly because the technology has changed since they were made. It’s like watching Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and seeing Gordon Gekko holding that huge shoebox-sized phone up to his head. These kinds of images definitely have a shelf life. Unless that’s part of the charm of the photograph, old “modern” technology detracts from the main message of the advertising which, in this case, is “We’ll make your nails look great!”

Red Nails holding old phoneWell, at least you can see how awesome the nails look!

nails holding old cell phoneThe sun has not been this poster’s friend. Can anybody tell me how old that phone could be?

plastic fingernail modelEerie plastic severed hand


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