Recent Projects: Eloqua Keynote

Eloqua keynote image

Every once in a while I get a tremendous referral that really makes my month. This happened in September, when my husband’s former boss asked him if I might be available to edit the keynote presentation for the CEO of the company she now works for, Eloqua. Since I just love making PowerPoint do my bidding while making my clients look great, I accepted the assignment.

As with many of my PowerPoint projects, I was given a fairly complete deck, one that had the major ideas and messages included but which needed to be transformed into a multimedia experience. The company sent me a copy of the CEO’s 2008 keynote presentation, so I had a good idea what kind of experience they were going for: fresh, kinetic, and clean.

This job had an exceptionally quick turnaround — only a week and a half—but with some extra hours on my part and great communication on the part of the customer we were able to get the job done.

Here’s a little before-and-after demonstration for you. The slides that have header art with red, gold, green, and blue bars on the right side are the original slides; the ones with the light background are from the final, redesigned deck.

Before and After

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