October Slide Makeover of the Month

October’s slide makeover is from a deck I found on SlideShare. There’s a lot to do on this bad boy, so let’s get started.


"Adkins" diet before

Ever hear of the “Adkins” Diet? Neither had I. The person who created this slide misspelled “Atkins” four times! If your audience is focusing on your typos and not your message, that’s a big problem. You lose credibility if you can’t even spell the topic of your presentation correctly! And people start making a game of it, wondering how you’ll screw up next. Not good.

There is way too much text on the slide, and it’s organized in a confusing way. Let’s break it down into single bullet points and type of message:

  • Neutral The Adkins (sic) Diet is a popular low carb. diet
  • Negative But it is high in fat and it has prompted health concerns
  • Positive The Adkins Diet can result in more weight loss than other diets
  • Neutral/Negative The Adkins Diet restricts fruits and vegetables, and restricts whole grains
When you are presenting a lot of data, it helps guide the audience along if you group like bits of information. By displaying the information in this order (Neutral > Negative > Positive > Neutral/Negative)the presenter brings her audience on a roller-coaster ride rather than leading them down the path of her well-crafted story.Graphically, it’s a mess. The off-the-shelf template is distracting because that purple color when related to food makes one think of grapes, berries, juice, wine, etc. — all of the foods that must be avoided in the Atkins Diet. The image of the plate of Atkins-approved food is nice, but it’s too small. And the title and bullet styles are just plain ugly.Don’t get me started on the punctuation.


Atkins Diet after 1We’re going to break this down into four slides, and reorder the text to make a more logical Neutral > Positive > Neutral/Negative > Negative path. For the intro slide, I’ve included an image of the cover of the Atkins Diet book and enlarged the photo of the dinner plate. Oh, and I’ve corrected the spelling of “Atkins.”

Atkins Diet after 2Images are effective, especially before-and-after photographs that show drastic results.

Atkins Diet after 3Photographs and the universal “NO” icon reinforce the idea of restricting certain kinds of foods.

Atkins Diet after 4

At first I thought about finding some kind of graph about fats or an image of fatty tissue, but I decided that a stethoscope would be a better representation of “health.”

So remember the elements of a good deck: less text on a slide, design and images that support the message, proper grammar, and no typos!

Before-and-After Slide Show

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