Are you a PowerPoint Ranger? Be proud!

Poor PowerPowerPoint patches of honorPoint. This stalwart workhorse has been around for over two decades, supporting business presentations and facilitating communication for millions of people. But are they grateful? No, quite the contrary! You have people all over Twitter complaining about Death by PowerPoint and a snarky business owner who specializes in Cheating Death by PowerPoint (that would be me).

In the armed forces, it’s considered an insult to be called a PowerPoint Ranger, the military equivalent of a police officer being called a Desk Jockey. How does one hold one’s head up high in the face of such mockery? Why, by wearing that insult as a badge of honor, of course! And Jim Placke makes it possible.

Jim Placke’s NBC Links is a website devoted to “providing easy access to information related to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) warfare, defense, and domestic preparedness.” Though the site design harkens back to an earlier time, it is a current, exhaustive listing of sites from all over the world.
But Mr. Placke isn’t all about business; he’s got a great sense of humor. Hidden among the hundreds of links is the one I want you to know about:

Click here for PowerPoint patches

Here’s where the magic happens.

From “PowerPoint Ranger” and “Slide Monkey” tabs to patches proclaiming your hours of PowerPoint service, there is something for every PowerPoint afficionado(a) on your gift list.

Don’t be put off by the old-school site design and ordering methods — this is for real! I ordered the patches seen in the above photo and received them within a week.

If you or someone you know is a beaten-down Slide Monkey, reward all of that hard work with one of these fine patches!


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